IDA Maintenance

The IDA interface will be closed between 21h00 and 0h00 to update some components.

V4.22 delivered in the production Environment.

The ISAN matching interface is off-line for the moment. It should be fixed quiclky.

The import process has been stopped on all the environment for the moment. We are currently doing maintenance operation and we will let you know when it is over.

Updating the V4 environment. The V4 is off-line during the update.

The blocking issue concerning the global update has been resolved and the production environment is up to date.

A bug concerning the global update on links has been discover in the production environment.
So please, don't do any update on masters or episodes with links while we resolve the problem.

The IDA interface will be off-line from today 12:00 to 14:00 due to the update of the prod environment. This new version include correction of bug in the global update.

Temporary shutdown of IDA for the delivery of a quick patch linked to a bug in the import process. IDA will be available again at 16h00.

We have removed the duplicate detection during import of works in all environments for the time being.
It will improve the number of works / second imported.

IDA off-line - Updating the prod environment. IDA will be back at 12:00

IDA is currently unavailable due to a system upgrade. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The user test environment is not working correctly for the moment (crash, slowdown). We are working on those problems.

Loading problems in IDA PROD has been resolved this morning.

The IDA production. env. will be updated in V3. The IDA interface will be closed during this time.

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